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Author revelation 1149 and 228 specifically identify the author of the book of revelation as the apostle john date of writing the book of revelation was likely written between ad 90 and 95.

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This website is an attempt to cut through so much of the fear and confusion that surrounds the book of revelation too many people believe that revelation is a book that cannot be understood.

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External links english text of the revelation from devil worship the sacred books and traditions of the yezidiz by isya joseph 1919 devil worship the sacred books and traditions of the yezidiz by isya joseph 1919 the entire original book.

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The book of revelation dramatically reveals the final victory of christ the prophecy is a caution and encouragementthe glorious ending to his story.

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By identifying discovering amp connecting with the biblical source of revelation you will find gods interpretation his thinking encouragement instructions reasons warnings or food in due season for every event in the book of revelation.

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The greek name of the bible book of revelation a183po183kaʹly183psis apocalypse means uncovering or disclosure this name indicates the meaning of revelation it uncovers matters that had been hidden and discloses events that would happen long after it was written.

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book of revelation study go to revelation index for the 22 chapters title unlike most books of the bible revelation contains its own title the revelation of jesus christ 11.

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The book of revelation also known as the book of apocalypse is a new testament book that plays a central role in todays christianity and the study of the bible of the books in the new testament only the book of revelation documents the apocalypse although the author of the book identifies.

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Answer thank you for your inquiry before i begin addressing some of your concerns point by point i think that it is important to state that the book of revelation cannot be properly interpreted without understanding the historic context in which it was written.

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